For eight years Justin Trudeau positioned himself as a prophet of social equity. So why is Canada more socially fragmented than ever?

by Brad Salzberg

November 26, 2023

“In religion, a false prophet is a person who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration, or to speak for God, or who makes such claims for evil ends.”

PM Justin Trudeau’s psyche may not be as far gone as to believe himself to be a “god” of woke liberalism. Psychologically speaking, that would be a condition emblematic of schizophrenia.

One step below the rung are found conditions such as delusions of grandeur. More and more, it’s become obvious that Mr. Trudeau qualifies for another turn of phrase, a “false prophet.”

For millions of Canadians, this situation has been inherent from day one of Trudeau’s run as prime minister. For others, not the least of which are new arrivals and immigrants from 3rd World countries, our Liberal government represented a belief that Multiculturalism really was what government and media claim it to be.

Even with a purchasing of mainstream media, the charade could only last for so long. Today, the political tide pushing the current of Trudeau-brand “wokism” is beginning to ebb.

In other words. “special interest” ethnic non-profit organizations may be beginning to comprehend what “Old Stock” citizens have understood all along. Justin Trudeau uses– or misuses– all identifiable communities in Canada, no matter who they are.

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