“A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 24, 2023

“Despite the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s assertion that a day off on Christmas constitutes religious intolerance, polls show that non-Christian Canadians almost universally have no problem with the holiday.”

Against the will of the majority. If establishment media had not been bought-off by our Liberal government, Canadians from coast-to-coast might come to understand a vital truth.

“A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.”

As a society, Canada is being systemically transitioned away from its core identity as a western democratic nation. CBC won’t speak of it, and Globe & Mail won’t publish it, but in a largely covert manner, our federal government are in the process of stripping away Canadian cultural identity.

Two fundamentals of its fundamentals are found in the Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas. Recognizing as much, we witness a headline featured in this week’s  Toronto Sun.

“Christmas, Easter Part Of Canada’s Colonial Bias: Report”

So states the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canada’s self-proclaimed “human rights” watchdog.

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