by Eldric Vero

November 23, 2023

This CotD was inspired by a recent article by Dr. Geoff Pain “Too Many Dead – AMPS Book Now Available” (see link:  A quote from this report “Australia is in the midst of a health crisis, and this analysis indicates it is iatrogenic. Too many people are dead and harmed. Australians deserve accountability, transparency and justice.”  The author of the CotD has combined analyses of Covid-19 and Excess Deaths (all causes) as these are related.

Panel 1   The first graph is a construct by the author which is a standard presentation and is an update of a previous CotD back in October 2022.   Australia exhibited essentially “zero” Covid-19 related deaths (CRDs) between September 2020 and August 2021. The vaccination program was initiated in February 2021 which was 5 to 6 months into the “flat curve” period.  The booster vaccination program was initiated in October 2021.  Note the dramatic increase in CRDs since January 2022. The vaccination to CRDs correlation is both self-evident and astounding to say the least.  Based on the data, 96 percent of the CRDs have occurred since the start of the vaccination program.

As per the Government of Australia Covid-19 Safety Report “Vaccination against COVID-19 is the most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness from infection. The protective benefits of vaccination far outweigh the potential risks.”  Do you think the data supports these claims?


Panel 2   Observe the characteristic cyclical nature of deaths or all-cause mortality since 2015.  The “Blue” line represents data prior to March 2020 and the “Red” line represents data since the SARS CoV-2 pandemic was initiated in March 2020.  The “Green” line represents the “Expected” deaths based on historical averages as per Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).  The author has utilized the ABS data for the five year period January 2015 to December 2019 in order to calculate the average curve for Weekly Deaths.  The Expected Deaths incorporates a 1 percent growth factor which appears to be a good match to the overall trend.


Panel 3   This presents the magnified portion (January 2020 to July 2023) of the graph in Panel 2.   The “Orange” line represents “Excess Deaths” which is calculated by subtracting Expected Deaths from Official Deaths.


Panel 4   Based on the data and this author’s model, 42,786 Excess Deaths have occurred since February 2021 (the start of Covid-19 injections).   In addition, the author recommends reading the study by Clare Pain “Excess Deaths in Australia during the Covid period : the numbers” starting on page 250 in Part 4 of the book “Too Many Dead – An Inquiry into Australia’s Excess Mortality” (


“The dead cannot cry out for justice, it is a duty of the living to do so for them”  Lois McMaster Bujold