by Joe Lange

Badlands Media

November 22, 2023

This is a follow-up to Clowns in AmericaSchool of Assassins and DictatorsThe Shadow GameShadow Government ExposedFollow the Money and The Legacy of George H.W. Bush, an introduction into the seedy origins and consequences of the CIA.

Q often said “Follow the family.”


Corruption can be revealed when you follow the money, but it can also be revealed when you follow the “family.”

Family connections can reveal a lot of things. They can reveal who are loyal to the country and who are traitors. They can also reveal a level of corruption that is hidden beyond the mainstream media narrative.

An example from Q drop #3381:

The mainstream media is now being forced to reveal the Biden family corruption, and their crimes seem to be based on greed. The Bush family corruption is far more evil. It involves far more money and they don’t value our lives at all. They have been above the law for a long time and involved in some of the worst corruption in our country’s history. They’re traitors.

The truth will be hard to take for those of us who supported and defended them in the past, but the truth will also set us free.

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