Dr. William Makis MD


November 21, 2023

Oct.21, 2023 – Clarksville, TN – 40 year old Rayne Williamson died after a 2 year battle with synovial sarcoma which was diagnosed in June 2021 when she was pregnant with twins

  • On March 31, 2021, Rayna did IVF with 2 embryo transplants and started having difficulty breathing
  • In June 2021 she was told she was expecting twins, but also told she had a lung mass that was diagnosed a Synovial Sarcoma and was surgically removed
  • In Oct.2021 she was diagnosed with brain metastasis “the size of a racquetball” which was surgically removed Nov.2, 2021.
  • Nov.29, 2021 she started 6 rounds of chemo
  • Dec.23, 2021 her twins were born
  • May 11, 2022 she had lung surgery for a 2nd lung tumor.
  • Sep.6, 2022 she had another new lung mass, surgery Dec.31, 2022.
  • Oct.30, 2022 she did a 3 week stay in Mexico at an alternative medicine clinic
  • March 2023 she had more chemo, radiation ending in May 2023.
  • Doctors at MD Anderson said she may have years still to live
  • She died on Oct.21, 2023

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