Simrat Sooch of Stoney Creek, Ont., was a true believer in electric vehicles, who described his first one as “very reliable.” To trade up, he bought a pre-owned 2017 Ioniq made by Hyundai. The vehicle had already been driven 69,000 kilometres but the warranty covering the electric charging system and battery was good for 160,000 kilometres. Sooch told Global News he was confident in the purchase and figured he wouldn’t have any issues with it. But in October, a warning light appeared on his instrument panel. He took the car to the dealer, but technicians couldn’t find a problem. Two weeks later, Sooch said the vehicle stopped charging and the Ioniq was back at the dealership. After diagnostic checks, he said technicians determined the battery needed to be replaced. The quoted cost, including the battery, installation and taxes came to more than $50,000. “I felt like I got kicked in the privates,” Sooch said in an interview. Global’s Sean O’Shea has the details.