Positioned as a benefit by media, a Liberal-NDP pact is permitting Jagmeet Singh to hold democracy hostage in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


November 20, 2023

Subterfuge, noun:

“An artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something.”

If media in Canada were not being paid-in-full by our federal government, a pertinent fact regarding the state of democracy in our country would by now have been exposed.

PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have little, if any respect for the institution of democracy in Canada. Rather than adhere to western political principles, the Liberals love to dance around the law. Throughout the eight-year period the Feds have maintained iron-clad control of society, circumvention of democratic process has remained a specialty.

A most blatant example comes in the form of subterfuge exercised by PM Trudeau and his current political partner, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

What it pretends to be:

‘The Liberals And NDP Are Learning To Work Together. Is That A Model For The Future?’

The “Justin-Jagmeet Circumvention Of Democracy Road Show” certainly hope so. This way, while 40 million Canadians call for a federal election to take place, the Liberals and NDP can snub them all while continuing on with a culture-decimating agenda. It’s an absolute disgrace, but you won’t be hearing that from legacy media.

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