Cultural Action Party explore the various nuances of government-media-academia’s role in fomenting racism in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg

November 19, 2023

Definition, Social Construct:

“Race, socio-economic status, and morality are all examples of social constructs. Other examples of include beauty standards, gender roles, and the idea of marriage. Social norms are the rules of conduct that dictate how people are expected to behave in a particular society.”

If one could narrow down major perpetrators of a social construct, it appears reasonable to list the top three as government, media and academia(educational institutions). Additionally, it’s fair to conclude that in terms of ideological positioning, all three share a particular affinity.

Though an inversion of what would constitute a healthy democratic society, the “big three” together weave a common thread. Seemingly absurdist in nature, all maintain an animus toward their own country, its history, and heritage.

As manifest in PM Justin Trudeau and his branding of Canada as “systemically racist.” As perpetuated by academia’s obsessional approach to our nation’s colonial foundation.

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