Muslim Association of Canada says Canada Revenue Agency “conducted an unfair evaluation through a Protestant-Christian lens, amounting to systemic Islamophobia.”

by Brad Salzberg

November 18, 2023

The letter, made public after being filed in a court proceeding by MAC challenging the audit, concluded that “there are sufficient grounds for the revocation of the organization’s charity registration.”

Muslim Association of Canada are arguing that the Canada Revenue Agency “conducted an unfair evaluation through a Protestant-Christian lens, amounting to systemic Islamophobia.”

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] have to wonder how low Canadian society can go before the bottom falls out on a persecution complex cultivated by powerful not-for-profit organizations.

Fortunately for them, the prime minister of Canada works out of the same bag. Justin Trudeau has branded our nation “systemically racist.”  Beyond this act of hate can be found an affinity with the way in which special interest organizations roll.

Reacting to hundreds of angry protestors who confronted Trudeau in Vancouver this week, the PM offers a response:

“Justin Trudeau reacts to being surrounded by protesters says ‘It’s not about me.’”

Canadians stand witness as absurdity dives into society’s lowest reaches. Facts are facts: under the supreme ruling of Justin Trudeau, our Liberal government has aggressively imported, financed and promoted Islamic communities and non-for-profit organizations representing them.

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