“Both Maggie and Pierre were self-admittedly sexually liberal, and the hyper-sexed Fidel Castro was a Marxist hero to Pierre.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 16, 2023

I’ve been afraid to write and publish on this topic because I live in Canada, where our Crime Minister was the first globalist thug to freeze citizens’ bank accounts under the lie of an insurrection. Now that in the UK, Nigel Farage, plus an Anglican priest have been financially cancelled (they’re not the first), the canary is good and dead already. So you’ll understand my hesitancy.

But here goes, anyway.

The concern of this exploration predates our boy wonder’s rise to political power in this particular commonwealth country. So I’ll not deal here with his many illegal and unethical political scandals nor his cringey bumblings on the international scene, nor will I belabour the now hackneyed exposure of his past black-faced get-ups. Nor even his hypocritical, misogynistic identity as a self-proclaimed “feminist.”

I must however mention his suspected DNA match with a certain Cuban dictator, as it bears significance to the point of this post. So let’s first look at the paternalism issue:

Margaret Joan Sinclair, upper class hippie girl of 23 and 51 year-old bachelor Pierre Elliot Trudeau (who’d dated Barbra Streisand and other stars) met while vacationing in Barbados in the 1960s: her father was a prominent member of the BC Liberals. They married in West Vancouver on March 4th 1971 (having managed to keep it mum till the last moment), then drove immediately to Whistler for a ski honeymoon. But two or three weeks later, the couple took a second honeymoon to the Caribbean, hopping between islands. Justin was born December 25th. The dates given for that trip are April 8th to the 15th, but given the government’s longstanding attempts to discourage such speculations, the precise time frame might not be entirely accurate.

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