(Pictured, Justin Trudeau with personal chef from Vancouver Dining Establishment Vij’s)

100 police officers were brought in to deal with a ruckus at an Indian restaurant after Justin Trudeau sat down to eat.

by Brad Salzberg


November 15, 2023

Videos posted online this week show Trudeau sitting at a table at a restaurant called Vij’s when demonstrators arrive and begin chanting.”

“Demonstrators yelled, ‘Ceasefire now,’ and told Trudeau he had blood on his hands as he said goodbye to people in the restaurant and made his way out.”

For Canadian patriots, it was a thrilling bit of humiliation directed toward Canada’s king of inter-community division.

In fact, humiliation could be considered a theme of the week in the west-coast city of Vancouver, B.C. Perhaps Trudeau felt a bit peckish after visiting an art exhibit in the downtown section of the city.

A current feature at the Vancouver Art Gallery elucidates our theory:

Canadian Art Gallery Offers “Whites, Compare Yourself To A Nazi” Exhibit

“Love and Loss in the Milky Way” from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s ‘Conceptions of White’ exhibit offers a ‘whiteness timeline’ which documents the ‘evolution of white as an identity,’ and includes the founding of the KKK and Canada’s 1867 founding.”

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  1. It reflects the vacuousness of this imbecile when he chooses Vij’s over hundreds of far better, less hip, more authentic Indian restaurants in Vancouver. The man child is an absolute fake, a stuffed suit. A husk in search of a media or photo-op TikTok selfie moment. “Look at me, I’m at Vik’s”.

    A fraud of a man living a lie.