Federal, Provincial or Municipal. Any way you look at it, government in Canada want whites to feel really, really bad about themselves.

by Brad Salzberg


November 14, 2023

“The exhibit has a ‘whiteness timeline’ which documents the ‘evolution of white as an identity,’ and includes the founding of the KKK and Canada’s 1867 founding.”

Step right up, all you light-skinned Canadians looking to be associated with the Nazi Party of 1930’s Europe.

“Love and Loss in the Milky Way” from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s ‘Conceptions of White’ exhibit is intended to help visitors “grapple with contemporary configurations of White identity,” according to gallery literature.

In one incarnation or another, Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has followed race-relations issues for over 30 years. Antithetical to mainstream media, our task has been to uncover and expose examples of so-called “reverse-racism,” also known as straight-up racism against Anglo-European citizens of our country.

There are a plethora of examples, to be certain. However, none are as disgraceful as a humiliation directed at white Canadians in British Columbia.

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