“The Liberal government is currently funding 1500 media outlets in Canada, including all its major players.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 13, 2023

In August 2015, the Canadian Media Guild, a union representing CBC journalists, became a registered third party for the purpose of increasing taxpayer funding of the CBC in advance of the 2015 federal election.

On October, 19th, 2015, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. Together, the coordination of these two events were to shape mainstream media content for the following decade, if not on a permanent basis.

From a high-level perspective, advertising-based revenue had all but fallen off the charts. According to an article from Forbes published in March, 2023, “the global ad marketplace for print over the past six years, has been cut in half.”

That’s a major chunk of money, as the situation in Canada remained consistent with what was occurring in the United States.

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