The Vigilant Fox

November 12, 2023

#10 – Lawyers call for criminal charges against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

#9 – Black Lives Matter leader stands behind January 6 prisoners and endorsers Trump.

#8 – A new preprint study finds billions of residual DNA fragments in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine vials.

#7 – Vivek Ramaswamy calls Joe Biden a ‘puppet’ live on national TV.

#6 – Demand for ‘unvaxxed’ sperm soars as birth rates continue to decline.

#5 – Popular natural health product becomes the latest victim of Trudeau’s Canada.

#4 – Seven carcinogenic and genotoxic food additives banned in Europe are commonly used in the U.S.

#3 – Schools start conducting “sudden cardiac arrest screenings” as heart attacks surge among children.

#2 – A Nobel Prize-winning drug with anti-cancer effects is now quietly under attack.

#1 – EU Parliament and Member States reach an agreement to introduce CCP-like control measures to Europe. DO NOT COMPLY.

BONUS #1 – 10 signs you have a vaccine injury and what you can do about it: insights from top doctors.

BONUS #2 – Mega-corporations are coming for your healthcare supplements.

BONUS #3: Cattle are being injected with mRNA “vaccines,” but one beef rancher is taking a stand.

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