“White Canadians are at the middle of the pack, earning $1,530 for men and $1,120 for women.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 10, 2023

It may not apply to all situations under all circumstances, but according to new research from the Aristotle Foundation, their analysis states that “many visible minorities actually out-perform white Canadians on many metrics.”

The study stands in direct contrast to “anti-racism” initiatives endorsed and funded by the Liberal government of Canada.

“An analysis of educational attainment and economic outcomes shows limited evidence of broad systemic racism in Canadian society, despite what anti-racism activists and the mandate letters from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his cabinet might insist.”

Right. PM Trudeau is a man on a mission. Social division via accusations of racism has been his forte since day one in office.

Joining in on the smearing of society is New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, who since his first day as party leader has been pushing the anti-colonial, white-Canadian-as-racist mantra.

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