“Three people were injured and a woman arrested after a violent clash broke out between students over the conflict in the Middle East, say Montreal police.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 9, 2023

“3 Injured, 1 Arrested As Concordia Students Clash”

“Three people were injured and a 22-year-old woman was arrested, according to Montreal police, after a violent clash broke out between students over the conflict in the Middle East.”

“Bullet Holes Found In The Doors Of Two Jewish Schools In Montreal”

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier François Legault on Thursday condemned two overnight incidents that saw Montreal Jewish schools targeted by gunfire.”

O Canada, what have you become? A frightful question it is. Just don’t go looking for mainstream Canadian media to attribute our societal degeneration to the person most responsible.

Truth, or non-truth? For the past eight years, the Liberal government of Canada has been setting up the circumstances for the state-of-society at present. All it took was for an international incident to spark our country’s descent into social chaos.

War in the Middle East is the ticket by which domestic flames of inter-community conflict have caught fire. Intentional or otherwise, our Liberal government should have known well and good what would eventually transpire.

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