Opening with Jesse Fraser on masks and the risks.
Dr. Makis talks about mask orders coming from AHS to Alberta Hospitals to start. They are learning that some areas and some people are responding differently to their scare tactics.
We discuss the fear tactics that are being used to control people and to direct them into taking more money making shots. “Take your covid shot at the same time as getting your flu shot”.
We discuss the NDP party members and their propaganda campaign to get Alberta’s brainwashed to line up for more toxic injections, when they could be following age old advice with tried and true anti virals like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin.
H5n1, Nipah, Marburg. Francois Belanger CMO AHS, VAERS.
Instagram hacks for freedom posts. Jason Kenney now working as consultant at AHS.





  1. The medical fraternity (physicians, nurses, health management, hospital administration management, etc.,) are primarily controlled by a psychotic group often referred to as “social Justice Warriors” (SJW) who are represented by a Union and/or professional association which in essence are actually controlled by the Liberals and NFP political fanatics who WANT TO CONTROL YOU.


    If you are at all inclined to believe that the wearing of a face mask will somehow magically protect you from contacting a virus, give your head a shake. Just go to your local pharmacy and read the information on the outside of a box of N95 Surgical Respirator face masks manufactured and sold by HONEYWELL. Scroll down and read the 5th line. It reads: “IT PROVIDES AT LEAST 95% FILTRATION EFFICIENCY OF 0.3 MICRON PARTICULARS FREE OF OIL.”

    Unfortunately, what the so called “medical experts” DON’T tell you is that any virus is usually as small as 0.1 MICRONS IN SIZE. You’re being told a bunch of medical b.s. with regard to the purported necessary wearing of a face mask covering as “protection” from a virus.

    In addition as you continue to read, you will see that the efficiency of the N95 face mask is totally dependent on the person wearing the face mask being able to put it on with “A GOOD SEAL BETWEEN THE FACE AND THE EDGE OF THE RESPIRATOR”. See and read Line No. 11. How many people walking around wearing a face mask covering are in compliance with that standard?

    Scroll down the side of the container to where you will see the word “WARNINGS!” Beginning at the end of Line No. 02 it reads: “THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THE RISK OF CONTRACTING DISEASE, ILLNESS OR INFECTION AND HAS NOT BEEN TESTED AGAINST COVID-19.” That information should clearly demonstrate to the 99% of the hypochondriacs and those seeking anonymity for whatever self-serving reason for wearing a face mask covering that they ARE NOT PROTECTED.

    It’s not difficult to show a person that they have been “conned”, the difficulty is getting them to accept that fact.

    When people are living in unwarranted and ignorant fear, they are much easier to “control”. The Medical establishment and the politicians are counting on you to be that “STUPID”.