“Eight years of advancing, financing and fuelling social division. How long can national self-hatred and division exist before a society collapses?”

by Brad Salzberg


November 1, 2023

It would be one thing if the Prime Minister of Canada approached the prickly issue of religious faith in Canada in an equitable manner.

Unfortunately, to make such a claim would be an erroneous statement. A synopsis of Liberal government behaviour during the eight-years Justin Trudeau has been PM reveals a complete imbalance.

Trudeau family prime ministers have a nasty habit of opening national doors to malevolent international influences. Pierre Trudeau did so with his embrace of communist China in the early 1970’s. A half-century later, the impact culminated with accusations that China’s government influenced MP victories in eleven federal ridings.

Justin Trudeau has taken a different tact. In a bid to win votes among Canada’s fast-growing community, the PM went all-out in a his bid to win the Muslim-Canadian vote. He did so with flying-rainbow colours.

Today, Canadians experience the by-product of blatant, and often embarrassing, pandering to Muslim community leaders, Imam’s, and the community in general.

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