by Warner Todd Huston,

The Western Journal

The Gateway Pundit

November 2, 2023

An entrepreneur from California who works in the field of geotracking, geolocation, and intel analysis is warning that over the next 14 months the U.S. will suffer a wave of terrorism on our own soil.

Tony Seruga, who claims to have been an intel analyst for 39 years, jumped to his X account on Tuesday to warn that we are on the eve of wave after wave of terror attacks on our homeland. Seruga is not alone, of course.

According to his LinkedIn page, Seruga, who describes himself as a “hardcore serial entrepreneur who built or sold over 600 businesses,” said that he has performed intel services as a private individual for many governments and federal agencies.

But whatever his background, the terror attacks he is warning about might just seem like common sense that can be gleaned without any deep intel background.
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