(Image: Steve Kirsch)

Thank you to the 547 readers who filled out my survey. The results prove they lied to us about the COVID vaccine. It is a disaster. We now have an objective way to prove they lied to us.

by Steve Kirsch


October 31, 2023

This is the number of deaths per 28 day period for Doses 2 and above. The bars should be equal height for the first 6 months. They aren’t. That’s a serious problem for the narrative. This implies an annual all-cause mortality increase of over 15%. That is a trainwreck.

Executive summary

I couldn’t have done this without your help.

We have won. The finger pointing will now begin. Everyone is going to blame this on the other guy and not accept any responsibility. The CDC will blame the FDA. The FDA will blame the drug companies. The drug companies will blame the people running the trials. The doctors will blame the CDC. Congress will blame the CDC. The White House will blame the FDA and former President Trump. And Trump will blame everyone who worked for him.

I now have a fully objective method that proves that the COVID vaccines killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans who trusted the healthcare authorities and mainstream media and took the shot.

The method can be used by any health authority, anywhere in the world, to prove, without any doubt, that the COVID vaccines are killing people in massive numbers. The attempts to gaslight, censor, and defame me are over.

The health authorities can execute this method and have results in less than 24 hours. But none of them want to do that. Because they know what will happen.

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