“There’s always discrimination in society, but the idea that our institutions are set up in such a way to disfavour minorities, I think the evidence is not there.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 31, 2023

“An analysis of educational attainment and economic outcomes shows limited evidence of broad systemic racism in Canadian society, despite what anti-racism activists and the mandate letters from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his cabinet might insist.”

So says new research from the Aristotle Foundation. Upon which we contrast the information with commentary from Prime Minister Trudeau:

“Systemic racism is an issue right across the country, in all our institutions, including in all our police forces, including in the RCMP,” said the prime minister in June, 2020.

What gives? As informed Canadians understand, the ramifications of the PM’s commentary set the stage for systemic condemnation of Canadian society. In an instant, plain old-fashioned “racism” was put on steroids by a person tasked with keeping the peace within society.

Did Mr. Trudeau lie? Or is he simply uninformed? Whatever the circumstance, an erroneous claim from our national leader resulted in additional woke fuel being added to Canada’s existing social fire.

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  1. It’s either audacity to the 11, full-time o/d’ing on drugs, John Gill syndrome or is so mentally divorced/disconnected from reality to the point the only place that thing should be (outside of a prison) is a mental institution, where all the other nutcases that are a danger to us all should be. Nearly all our social issues across Canuckistan is deliberately being caused by this establishment and Trudeau is the current mouthpiece (Anyone who thinks Trudeau is actually running things, well, I do have that bridge to sell you…). They want everyone at each other’s throats; makes it easier to control us, plunder us and murder us without accountability for their actions.

    Remember Nijjar? The guy who was (likely) killed by rival gangs that they tried to pin on India. I bet you have already forgotten about, by now. That sure disappeared fast once the grilling on the complete absence of evidence happened (and after Canada had to relocate most of the diplomatic staff since they would have likely been arrested for stuff they were doing). Meanwhile, this is still a serious diplomatic wound caused by our actor since it had it’s nose lollipop taken away during it’s stay in India (and as we found out, potato dictator never used the top-class lodgings offered by India that all the others took advantage of).

    Also does anyone ever notice that when we see the photo ops or ‘media’ interviews that we only ever see one side of it’s head, almost like the teleprompter is being hidden so we don’t notice the obvious (someone is feeding that thing it’s lines) moment?