“Canada will continue to follow into the trap, where foreign aid transfers money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 29, m2023

Did you hear the one about the King of Jordan spending $800 million in foreign aid on luxury international real estate?

Unfortunately, it isn’t a joke. Nor should any common sense citizen find it funny. The Canadian government’s annual donations of foreign aid to so-called “developing countries” is one of the most overlooked issues in society.

An archaic, financially-draining waste of money it is. Multiple reports speak of the waste emanating from Global Affairs Canada’s green light to send approximately $7 billion dollars to 3rd World nations each year.

From a Canadian Taxpayer Federation report: “The best example of the failures of foreign aid spending is Haiti.

“With a population of eight million, it has received $1 billion in Canadian government funding since 2006. This cycle of dependency on foreign aid goes back decades. Yet the country remains the poorest in the Americas and one of the worst governed places on earth.”

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