1. Maybe Mr Najadi and his mother should have listened to his father when he (the father) decided to disassociate himself from the WEF, Gates, Schwab, Bezos, Trudeau, and the rest of the tyrannical and narcissistic psychopaths.

    Wow. It’s amazing how many members of the “sheep” population who “chose” to believe the phony Covid-19 flu vaccine propaganda that was pushed out into our communities by the crooked politicians and the uncaring so called “medical professionals” including physicians, now want those same persons arrested and punished.

    How about a great big formal apology to us many “tin hatted conspiracy” people who were not wrong. How about an even bigger apology for having deliberately subjected us to ridicule, denigration, wrongful prosecution and persecution. In addition to subjecting us to a total disregard for our “rights and freedoms” because of our astute ability to make the right “choice”.

    It’s unfortunate that so many of you “sheep” who voluntarily submitted to totalitarian control are now starting to discover that you made the wrong “choice” and are in the process of suffering from unwanted illness and dying earlier than expected. However, stupidity has always led to great dismay.

    I’m guessing, an “I told you so” from us smart enough to survive, doesn’t help.