From Tanya Gaw

Founder of Action4Canada

I completed my last event tonight and the whole trip went really well despite the attacks.
Support from pastors and people in the communities was fantastic.

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October 26, 2023
Action4Canada Public Statement of Response
RE: Chief Ken Watts’ Public Statement Oct. 20, 2023

Chief Ken Watts distributed a letter that was in response to a Twitter post by Tanya Gaw,
Founder of Action4Canada. Ms. Gaw posted a news report that provided the details from the government’s website on the findings of the investigation into the missing and murdered Indigenous women. Ms. Gaw’s post also stated that the so-called mass graves, were empty.
Both of these statements are true and the information is from the government website and
numerous media outlets, including the CBC.

The government report provides statistics that, in most cases (86%), “the person accused of their homicide was also Indigenous.”

Please see the following reports that clearly identify the graves are not graves at all:
• Edmonton…


• Nova Scotia..


• Kamloops…


• Manitoba…

Rather than Chief Ken Watts consider the evidence and the statements of fact that Ms. Gaw
had provided, he decided instead to write a letter spewing hate and misinformation and
attempting to bully and intimidate not only Ms. Gaw but businesses and people within the
community, including A4C’s Chapter leader who has lived in Port Alberni for 40 years..
The following is a letter of response by Action4Canada’s Port Alberni Chapter leader, Michele.I pray this brings truth and clarity to this matter,
Tanya Gaw

——- Forwarded Message ——-
From: A4C Port Alberni Chapter <bc*************@ac***********.ca>
Date: On Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 at 11:02 AM
Subject: Action4Canada

To: Ke******@ts******.com <Ke******@ts******.com>
Mr. Wahmeesh (Ken Watts)
Elected Chief Councillor
Tseshaht First Nation
5091 Tsuma-as Dr.
Port Alberni, B.C.
V9Y 8X9
Oct. 23, 2023

Dear Mr. Watts:

I read your public statement regarding Ms. Tanya Gaw, founder of Action4Canada
visiting Port Alberni for an evening presentation with Q&A.
You say you are glad that the event was cancelled. You single out Ms. Gaw and
Action4Canada as holding “right wing, racist perspectives” and a promoter of hatred.
I am shocked that as a leader you would make such a bold statement without evidence
to support it.
You then call on Port Alberni to stand together in looking at deeper issues of racism and

I would be interested in forming a committee and do just that!
Some background…

I joined Action4Canada a few months ago, when I learned that Action4Canada is
working to educate, empower, and equip Canadians to stand for faith, family and
freedom. That’s an organization for me!

Through their website, I began learning about SOGI123 in our B.C. school system. I
was appalled to learn that children are being indoctrinated and sexualized through the
use of the SOGI 123 learning resources that have been embedded into every subject of
the curriculum. The SOGI learning resources are designed to plant seeds that are
confusing children about the body they are born in. I’ve personally witnessed this with
my own young grandson. Children can also choose and be affirmed in alternate sexual
identities unbeknowst to their parents. Would you be ok with your son or daughter
making these kind of life-altering decisions without your knowledge?

I listened to Tanya’s talks as she travelled across eastern Canada and concurred with
everything she said. Never, not once, did I detect one ounce of hatred or racism. In
fact, I saw a very loving, courageous woman, who cares deeply for every Canadian and
who is speaking boldly and truthfully about what is going on in our society.
Do you remember when Al Gore presented an Inconvenient Truth?
Ms. Gaw may present a few inconvenient truths but this does not make her or her
organization racist or hateful.

Let’s delve deeper into your accusations of racism and hate
You draw attention to Ms. Gaw’s tweet of Oct12th, 2023 and say it was racist.
I looked at Tanya’s comment, with its’ captured headline, and I believe the information
was correct. However, there appears to be a one-sided narrative that talks about “truth”
and reconciliation but… when the inconvenient truth is presented, it is met with attacks
and censorship, such as yours and what you have done.

Without a hearing, you have summarily proclaimed that Ms. Gaw and
Action4Canada are not welcome in Tseshaht territory or in the Alberni Valley. How
is it that you feel you have the authority to make such a statement? The roads are open
to the public and paid for by taxpayers. As a member of Action4Canada, your statement
would suggest that I am not welcome in my own community. I have been a long time
resident of Port Alberni for almost 40 years. My children were born here. My parents are
buried here…and after all these years, I consider the Alberni Valley, equally my home.
I’m not racist or hateful, but because I’m a member of Action4Canada I find your words
would indicate that I’m not welcome here.

I called Char’s Landing, the morning after I saw several negative Facebook posts that
Char received, about hosting A4C … and I was concerned for her. From my
perspective hateful rhetoric was being spewed at Char as well as Ms. Gaw and A4C.
Who was bullying Char? The facebook threads led to a site called (CAHN).
This is where the activists found material to support their anti-A4C position.

I have no idea why this story in on an anti-hate page, but here are the facts. Ms. Gaw
attended a MIssion school board meeting in January of this year and provided a
presentation that included images from a list of the pornographic books that are made
available to children in the school district. As a result, Ms. Gaw was banned for one year
from attending meetings and the news headline read, it was for showing “graphic”
images. Of interest, the school board failed to ban the sexually explicit books from the
school district.

In another CAHN post, a pastor expressed regrets because A4C was deemed
unsupportive of Pride events, such as Drag Queen story hour for children. Personally, I

don’t want drag queens twerking and cavorting in front of my grandchildren in learning
places like schools or libraries. I again would question why this is on an anti-hate page –
would you?

Just because parents/grandparents, and there are a lot of grandparents in
Action4Canada, want to protect the innocence and purity of their children, does
not make them hateful.

Just because a person or an organization may not agree with someone else’s position
or policies on anything from climate change, to 15 minute cities, SOGI123, critical race
theory, mass immigration or immunization – does not make them racist or
hateful. Perhaps it makes them wise.
In fact…an oppositional point of view may be providing inconvenient truths that will save

Every society needs critical thinkers and people who will not take the bait, nor blindly or
fearfully go along to get along.

We are so blessed to live in Canada which was founded on Judeo-Christian principles
under the Supremacy of God.

We live in a society that is the envy of the world….a society based on the rule of law,
the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, freedom of religion, freedom of
speech, freedom of assembly, parliamentary procedures, and the Coronation oath.
Yes, we’ve all made mistakes but together we can bravely move forward, knowing we
can do always do better.

Freedom is fragile and democracy depends on a morally good, upright and informed
citizenry – people who are civil to each other, people who care for each other, people
who dare to debate difficult issues and dig deep to discover the truth.
As you say, we all have a responsibility to create a better future for our children
and grandchildren. Let’s work together and take heed….for when a society cedes it’s
local authority over to unelected, bureaucratic organizations like the WHO, the World
Economic Forum, and the United Nations….I can guarantee you, it is not in the best
interests of our children and grandchildren.

Action4Canada is here to educate, equip and empower every Canadian to fight to keep
our land Glorious and Free.
I would welcome a meeting with you in person and look forward to hearing from you

Michele Fraser

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Hello Michelle Fraser,
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  1. Very well said Michelle Fraser. Truth will bring reconciliation. Trudeau and his cronies am
    Nd lies seek to divide us and turn us against each other. We are all special in God ‘s sight, so don’t allow government to interfere. As you said Michelle ,you have lived peaceably in your community for 40 years and along come government lies to create disharmony. I hope Chief you will meet with Michelle and work together to protect our children from government over was government that caused disharmony and her to your nation. Why trust them now?
    E. Lewers
    Sooke A4C Chapter leader