Dr. Ryan Cole stands out as a prominent figure within the national and international community of pathologists who sound the alarm on the adverse effects of Covid shots. In his once-thriving laboratory, Cole was observing severe damage done to the human body exposed to toxic spike protein from the injections, which he dared to publicize. Cole has also been prescribing “unapproved” early treatments for Covid, such as ivermectin, with wonderful results. Such substantiated deviations from the official Covid dogma made him the target of numerous personal and professional attacks and smear campaigns. Despite all of the hardships, the doctor stayed true to his professional ethics and integrity and continues to fight back.
In this interview with The New American, Cole shares the latest updates on his legal proceedings with the Washington Medical Commission for his medical license. Shockingly, the board has charged the doctor for alleged violations of the standards of care, despite the absence of any patient complaints. Unfortunately, the medical boards have been politicized and weaponized to target and penalize physicians who seek to protect their patients through education and sharing impartial research on the risks associated with novel therapeutics and injections, said the doctor.
Dr. Cole also provides his perspective on the latest news, including the Noble Prize committee honoring two scientists whose research paved the way for mRNA Covid shots. He discusses the latest peer-reviewed paper about the shocking prevalence of subclinical heart damage and provides insights into the current scientific understanding of the risk-benefit ratio of mass Covid inoculations. Cole expressed concern that Big Pharma was allowed to skip the long-term trials on carcinogenicity, genotoxicity and reproduction harms that are now becoming painfully apparent and warned against upcoming mRNA injections against RSV and flu that are already in the pipeline, arguing that they would be just as untested as Covid shots.
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