(Mirrored from The Vigilant Fox) – Christine Anderson has been a German member of the European Parliament and a representative of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party since 2019. She’s one of the few politicians in the world who stood up to the COVID nonsense, and I consider her to be one of the bravest people on the planet. I asked her many questions on the topics of COVID tyranny, climate change, bad actors, and more. These are her answers . . .


0:00 – B-roll footage courtesy of The Highwire.

3:20 – Did the COVID measures fail? Did they want more out of them?

8:54 – What was in Germany’s secret manual to get people to comply with COVID measures?

11:46 – How confident are you that you’re on the right side of history with respect to COVID and the shots?

13:56 – Thoughts on Trump’s recent remarks about the WHO.

15:25 – What happens if the WHO attains more power?

18:29 – How did you get into politics?

21:11 – How did you deal with personal attacks for going against the COVID narrative?

22:27 – What are the problems with the EU?

24:44 – Should we ever trust the government?

26:40 – Who would have really resisted 1930s Germany?

32:05 – Is it a good idea to regulate the food supply in the name of climate change?

40:08 – RAPID FIRE! What do you think about “X” individual? (Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and more)

50:39 – Follower Questions

51:21 – Will there be accountability for the crimes of COVID, or will they be swept under the rug?

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Source: The Vigilant Fox at: https://rumble.com/v3rxcdm-the-fight-is-on-with-christine-anderson-a-vigilant-fox-exclusive-interview.html