Mass immigration is the issue of our generation.

It is destroying our economy, and quickly transforming Canadian society into something unrecognizable.

To make matters worse, mass immigration isn’t just pushed by the Trudeau Liberals and the Singh NDP.

Pierre Poilievre also supports mass immigration.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the words straight out of Pierre’s mouth.

You have to watch this clip!

In this video, Pierre clearly states that he wants to EXPAND the number of foreign workers and streamline their path to citizenship.

Just like Trudeau, Poilievre supports mass immigration.

He doesn’t care about the salaries of average Canadian workers. He’s happy with wage stagnation.

He says if a job can’t be filled by a Canadian, then we have to QUICKLY fill that position with a foreigner.

This isn’t how the labour market is supposed to work! If certain job offers can’t be filled by workers in Canada, it’s because the wages offered are not high enough to attract them.

I know Pierre. I worked with him in the Harper government. He understands basic economics. He’s not stupid, he’s just willfully ignoring the best interest of Canadians to pander to new immigrants.

Mass immigration, like Pierre is promoting, is a main cause of wage stagnation in Canada. You should be making more money, if it wasn’t for the bad policies of globalist, career politicians like Trudeau and Poilievre.

Pierre doesn’t have a vision for Canada that’s distinctly different from the one being implemented by the Trudeau Liberals.

He just wants to be a slightly more efficient manager of a big, fat, misguided government.

If you want real change in Canada, if you want a government that truly puts Canada First, there is only one option.

The People’s Party of Canada.

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