by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

October 26, 2023

Why Doesn’t Alberta Have The Elected Involved Directly In the Pension Issue Not A Former Now Unelected Friendly Politician .  It’s A Mighty Big Decision !

That is , have a Legislative Committee travel the Province.

If the Government  of Alberta wants to as the Epoch Times put it ‘gauge the will of the people.’ The Epoch Times says:

‘The province has hired former provincial treasurer Jim Dinning to engage with Albertans to gauge their views on the topic and then make a recommendation to Smith next spring on whether there is an appetite for a referendum on leaving CPP.’

The MLA’s are getting paid already.

They are responsible to the people, now!

What a novel idea!!! Not a former Politician like me! Use the ‘Dinning ‘ money to pay for the Legislative Committee expenses.

The people who are now elected!!Why does the Government need a former politician to gauge the will of the people when they have live elected politicians right there rearing to go.

Lets stop preempting our parliaments , rather involving them !

Like the Charter of Right and Freedoms says ——‘a free and democratic society.’

Have those who are responsible to the people be intimately involved in this very important decision.  In all the process!!!

Also , it will give the people a chance to debate , and discuss directly with their elected representatives. It is one thing to have the people involved in a heated referendum debate with its overlay of politics , it’s another to have a more sober reflective discussion devoid of political campaigning in a structured legislative hearing atmosphere.

And the Legislative Committee could call the Government Consultants , LifeWorks to testify under oath and answer questions about their report and their calculations. And they could have the Canada Pension Board representatives appear under oath to give their side of the story . And even call totally independent experts to give their views under oath on the various calculations.

And what about having these hearings televised and live streamed. A Federal  Court of Appeal Case recently had 20,000 people watch a live court case.

Now ——is there a danger that a Democracy virus might break out and infect the public???

Like transparency and accountability and elected representatives of the people , like a legislative assembly, a provincial parliament?

So if there is really an appetite for democracy , the people of Alberta can grasp it now and have the citizens and their elected representatives involved  ——NOW!!!!

Hon A. Brian Peckford

Parksville , BC