by David Krayden

The Post Millennial

October 25, 2023

Crown prosecutors say they are staying one charge against Freedom Convoy personality Tamara Lich because the trial has consumed so much time already.

The charge was laid when Lich was rearrested in June 2022 after she attended a freedom of speech gala in Toronto and accepted the George Jonas Freedom Award. She was accused of communicating with Tom Marazzo, another prominent figure in the Freedom Convoy protest.

Lich and Chris Barber are charged with mischief, counseling others to commit mischief, intimidation, and obstructing police as leaders of the Freedom Convoy that polarized residents of Ottawa in 2022 and arguably began to roll back Covid mandates.

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  1. Trial?! HA! The whole farce has devolved into storytelling day, where they call pointless witness after pointless witness who all spend their whole day talking about thoughts and feelings of what it was like being in the same city as the event. The amount of testimony against Tamara and Chris is non-existent at best (Most of these witnesses never interacted with them, saw them, or was exposed to them in any way, shape or form) and it’s all shown that they were pushing for peace and cooperation with legal teams. Meanwhile, police are purging evidence and that’s considered acceptable behaviour (I would be more interested to know what else was purged, possibly evidence that would show the police were operating well outside legal boundaries?).

    Of course this storytelling hour is going to drag out as long as they can; there is no case! This will carry on well into next year as a form of punitive punishment against them. And assuming the whole event is rigged (As they have previously done with Lieberal party members serving as judges and prosecution, something Tamara has experienced herself at least twice, now), they’ll still have some ridiculous sentence thrown at them.

    In the end, this storytelling hour will make them into martyrs. The Coutts guys have been in jail without any real charge for the better part of 2 years now and that is also considered acceptable behaviour. We have had people in jail for refusing to bow down to the hateful tranny agenda (Inclusive, my ass, this is one of the most mentally ill groups in existence and the drugs they are all on push that illness REAL hard). Time to face it, people. We have political prisoners. We are no better than any other places where our dictatorship accuses of doing the same (Which is called ‘projection’), and that is assuming those accusations are true… which I highly doubt; I can probably count on one hand the number of times they said the truth about anything…