“In 2022, 30% more Canadians chose medical assistance in dying, bringing the total number of MAID deaths in Canada since 2016 to 44,958.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 25, 2023

New statistics released by federal government report another year of a major “leap forward”  in systemic deaths via legislation initiated and approved by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“In 2022, 30% more Canadians chose medical assistance in dying, bringing the total number of MAID deaths in Canada since 2016 to 44,958.”

PM Trudeau can be properly labelled as the “founder of assisted dying” in Canada. It was his Liberal government who passed legislation in 2016 to rubber-stamp our country as the world’s premier “Euthanasia regime.”

Why a sparsely populated country with a giant land mass was selected for such an “honour” has never been properly explored. Government and media continuously speak of the perils of our elderly population and workforce.

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  1. I think sanctions against Canuckistan are clearly overdue from the rest of world. If ANY other place was doing this (Russia, China, any African country, any country in the middle east), this would be front-page news around the world, but because we’re doing it, THAT IS OKAY?! BULL BISCUITS! This is outright murder and nothing else. How many of these people were committed to this because of the dictatorship did to them, in the first place?!

    And friendly reminder: When they were pushing ads. for this, suddenly diversity quotas didn’t matter as they used exclusively white people to promote this as a good thing… Meanwhile, we get accused of tinfoil hat wearing when we call out the extermination campaign against them.

  2. Oh and then there is this:

    “WOW: The maid results just came out and it’s a 31% increase from 2021-2022. ”

    One of the comments also refers to them wanting to expand this so children can be murdered as well. What’s wrong, Canuckistan, isn’t children getting murdered in the Middle East enough to satiate your bloodlust? Isn’t miscarriages caused by your kill shots enough? What a bunch of effin sickos. The whole establishment has to go before we turn into the Endless Gravestones.