by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

October 25, 2023

Canada’s Trudeaus: Justin Like Daddy Pierre , Has A Fatal Stubborn Steak , Among Too Many Other Faults!

I read the news that Minister Bill Blair says the terrorist group Hamas has to be destroyed . Similar words even from softie, fantasy laden Bob Rae, our ineffective UN Ambassador.

Then out comes our Trudeau Jr indicating that he approves  a ‘pause ‘ in hostilities in Gaza.

Yet , Trudeau’s Government has labelled Hamas a terrorist group.

Yep, he represents that out of this world softie type who is spoiled and does not realize that there are evil  people around who want to kill other people. It’s happening every day all over the planet. Just now In Canada in a small Ontario city, five murdered, three of them children.

And in the case of Hamas in Gaza , these terrorists have it as an article of faith —eliminate the Jews—its in their constitution——-from the river to the sea their motto. I just carried the words of a young Hamas Terrorist calling his parents on one of his Jewish victim’s phones —

‘Look Danny , how many Jews I have killed?’

So ‘pause’ so that more tunnels can be re-enforced to carry out more gruesome slaughtering!!!

The Palestinian people need to be rid of their terrorists —so that in the long run more lives will be saved on both sides.

Or as many people say the Palestine people have to take a lot of the blame because they have not rid themselves of these murderers and the Europeans and Americans and the useless UN have aided and abetted with Iran in the ongoing viability of this Terrorist Group by provided moral and financial support.

The Trudeaus have a lot to answer for in history if any valid one is ever written . Given how commentators and historians have twisted and distorted the Constitutional Process known as the Patriation Agreement of 1981 in which I was personally involved , don’t hold your breath.