Video evidence Pierre is WEF




  1. Wow! You just have to want to trust and believe a fake pseudo name user. Someone who doesn’t even have the courage to identify themselves, yet thinks it is “okay” to slander and defame another person. Who ever this piece of crud is, no doubt they are a member of the federal/provincial NDP group of cut-throat liars. The Province of B.C. is full of them.

    Perhaps it’s that wanna-be politician from Quebec who sleeps with biker chicks, gives away government diplomatic protected information and can’t even get elected after trying in 3 different political elections in different parts of Canada. For a person who has been “unemployed” for 4 years after getting thrown out of the Federal Conservative Party, you have to wonder where is he getting his money to live and finance his political ambitions? There was a rumor that he was being paid by the Federal Liberal Party to act as a “Trojan Horse” to siphon votes away from the Federal Conservative candidates.

    If you really wish to discuss “Treason” you must include that narcissistic and psychotic little puke in Ottawa often referred to as our Prime Minister. Now he is a known member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as is his right leg attachment often referred to as our Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. Not only is she/he a Na zi but she is an executive member of the WEF.

    Then there is our very own purported Federal Chief Medical Officer whose actual gender is debatable and unknown. She actually “forgot” to tell us about the very toxic contents of the purportedly “safe” covid-19 flu vaccine. Then there is Jag Meat Singh who is a known Sikh terrorist who can’t even travel back to his own country. The list is lengthy.

    Remember, these group of “sicko control bastards” (in the very true sense of the word) are coming for you and your children.

  2. You can’t even read the print its so small and goes by so fast. you can’t make it bigger or even go to Rumble when you click on it. Talk about propaganda!! Then you resort to name calling when someone challenges the validity of what you try passing off as legit. Not convincing at all!!!!

  3. To “Fake Newz” Fortunately your own chosen pseudo name identity to disguise your actual name/gender, etc., quite adequately describes your illiterate and self-serving purpose to discredit Mr. Poilievre. Quite frankly, there is a “Trojan” product that you might want to obtain to pull down over your head and face.

    I can assure that I have forgotten more about how to do “research” then you will ever know about how to do it. You are either a NDP/Liberal goof or just plain stupid. As a result of my research I can tell you that he is not a member of the WEF. However, feel free to provide me detailed information, on this public forum, to show me that I am wrong.

    Who cares at this particular point in time if Pierre Poilievre is, or is not, a member of the WEF. For the moment, he has said he is NOT a member of the WEF. Your poorly displayed video is in the usual misleading and self-serving “disinformation” format that main stream media journalists or self-serving political goofs often use to falsely portray their attempts to “tell the truth”.

    Even if Poilievre were a member of the WEF, he is far more intelligent than any other political member of our Parliament that is currently in the Bloc, NDP, or Liberal Party. As a result, when he becomes our Prime Minister, he will be far more productive and beneficial to the citizens of Canada, then persons like yourself who can’t even spell your fake pseudo-name identity properly.

    Please, go back to bed and play with your favorite “Trojan” product and then feel free to throw it and yourself into the garbage pail.

  4. Small PP’s photo with Bill Gates was all the proof I needed. You don’t get close enough to take a happy photo with a criminal and mass murder unless you are part of that group.

    It also explains why Small PP NEVER brings up the potato dictator’s, Freeland’s and Notsingh’s direct connections to the WEF. If you are all part of the same club, you don’t rat the others out.

  5. Faux Newz:

    Your website address that you posted only took me to a website page for the WEF on which you somehow managed to imprint Poilievre’s name. Nothing more, nothing less. Tsk, tsk, you “bad”,

    Although I did find a “Faux Newz” reference on a “Facevook” website that clearly defines the reasoning for you to adopt the name “Faux Newz”. (I copied it and pasted it as it appears below):

    Facebook › MyLaborTalk › posts
    Faux Newz All part of the psychological handjob for dummies.

    I thought that because your writings make you appear to be so mentally deviant and screwed up that I knew there had to be some sort of a sexual connection to your insistent behavior. Don’t forget to use the “Trojan” product.