“The government knew every side effect before one single jab was given in New Zealand.”

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  1. Even here, they knew as early as Jan, 2021 that these things were killers… But by-golly, we can’t let ANYTHING get in the same of a big wealth transfer from the taxpayers to the pharma (and the kickbacks the entire political system got). I how many kickbacks our doctors got for pushing this garbage, or were they so easy to manipulate that a couple colourful lies got most of them on board so easily?

    Now, when it’s died down and very few useful idiots want it, suddenly elements in our political system are trying to act like they care, trying to act like mandates should end. Oh, please… What a sham.

    No. You benefited from this, you made money from this, you are climbing over each other to get this garbage pumped into people as fast as you could, you enjoyed the power trip from being able to control everyone so easily. NONE of you have ANY right to pretend like you are the good guys, now.

    I just hope Mr. ex-CIA was wrong when he said that 2024 is the year of death.