by Gage Haubrich

CTF Director

October 23, 2023

Senator Pierre Dalphond wants you to pay more for milk, eggs and bread.

He’s the unelected senator holding up a bill that would remove the carbon tax from farm fuels like natural gas and propane. He’s the guy you should be mad at every time you see high prices at the grocery store.

Your elected members of Parliament already passed Bill C-234. It extends the carbon tax exemption to the fuels farmers need to heat their barns and dry their grain.

This goes beyond partisanship: New Democrats, Conservatives, Greens, Bloc members and even a few Liberal MPs voted in favour of this legislation to pass it in the House of Commons.

MPs from all parties understand the issue: Many farmers pay thousands of dollars every month in carbon taxes. And when Canadian farmers pay more to produce food, it pushes up the price of milk, eggs and everything else at the grocery store.

There’s no good reason for this bill to be stuck in the Senate.

But Senator Pierre Dalphond is stalling the bill with an amendment to remove the exemption for fuels used to heat barns. Why would he want to make milk and eggs more expensive? Make no mistake about it: Dalphond is using delay tactics. And you’re paying the price.

You can let Dalphond know what you think of his delay tactics by sending him an email: [email protected].ca

You know we need to completely scrap the carbon tax. But passing Bill C-234 is an important first step.

Canadians need relief. And removing the carbon tax from farm fuels will make your life more affordable.

You can let unelected Senator Pierre Dalphond know you want him to stop delaying and pass Bill C-234: [email protected].ca

Thanks for standing up for taxpayers – it’s making adifference!


Gage Haubrich

Prairie Director for the Canadian TaxpayersFederation

PS: I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, so I know how much passing this bill will help farmers. It only takes a minute to tell Senator Dalphond to get rid of his amendment: [email protected].ca



  1. What a joke. It really tells you that the establishment WANTS to add pain and suffering to the agenda as part of the all-around campaign to slowly and gradually exterminate us (Since if it was went too fast, we would notice).

    Well, if Mr. Ex-CIA’s predictions are sure and 2024 is indeed the year of death, it may be impossible for them to censor it.