by Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

October 21, 2023

Eight Republican members of the House of Representatives have released a joint statement indicating their willingness to face disciplinary actions, including censure, suspension, or removal from the Republican Conference, in exchange for the election of Rep. Jim Jordan as the Speaker of the House.

The recent passage of the Motion to Vacate the Speaker has caused rancor, and hurt feelings in the House Republican Conference. It also exposed who are the RINOs in the party.

The eight Republicans who voted in favor of the motion have faced backlash from their colleagues, leading to calls for punitive measures against them.

“While we stand by our actions, it is our goal to proceed forward with our colleagues, our teammates, our fellow Republicans in a manner that embraces reconciliation,” the statement reads. The lawmakers acknowledge that although they violated no formal rules, there is a sentiment within the Conference to hold them accountable


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