Quietly, incrementally, the Liberal government of Canada expands its assisted dying parameters to include the mentally ill.

by Brad Salzberg


October 20, 2023

October 10th, 2023: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on World Mental Health Day:

“Today, on World Mental Health Day, we recognize the importance of mental health and the value of timely access to quality mental health care for people in Canada and around the world.”

“Mental health is health,” stated Trudeau.

After which CAP turn the tables on our PM’s “mental health” proclamation. In the post-modern era ushered in by our prime minister in 2015, mental illness can also mean death.

How so? Because this week, the Liberal Cabinet & Caucus voted down a private member’s bill to prevent the passing of a law to expand Euthanasia to those deemed to be mentally ill.

First they came for the physically ill. I was not one of them. Then they came for the mentally ill. I was not one of them. Then they came for…

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  1. How about the House of Idiots lead by example on this one, since they have demonstrated an incredible case of collective mental illness on this stunt?

    Oh wait, they’re lives matter, because they are pond suckers attached to their handlers for pennies while it’s us plebs who are completely expendable.

    Sometimes I have to shake my head. Have people really become ‘that’ stupid?