by Anthony Scott

The Gateway Pundit

October 20, 2023

Lt. General Flynn took to X recently and shared his take on “Q”.

In a lengthy post, Flynn shared, “Here’s my take on Q…I believe it is a major psyop and from what I can tell, it or they or whatever or whoever is “running this op” has done a major disservice.”

Flynn continued, “What I see are a bunch of people sitting and waiting for something to happen instead of doing what I have been calling for now for quite some time (LOCAL ACTION).”

Trump’s former NSA advisor added to his post by writing, “Rome is burning “Nero and the bucket brigade is getting low on water. And like it or not (I don’t), we have a person in the WH that is there following a constitutional process…note I didn’t say fair election (which I don’t believe occurred).”
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