A wider war most Americans won’t see coming

by Bruce O’Hara


October 20, 2023

I remember an interview with George Burns when the comedian was in his nineties. When asked about his daily routine, Burns replied: “First thing every day, I read the obituaries in the New York Times. If I’m not there, I go on with my day.” I confess I find myself checking each morning that World War Three hasn’t broken out in the Middle East, before I continue on with my day.

I am astounded by how one-sided the American mainstream media is in its coverage of the conflict in Gaza. Fox News, in particular, may as well be an Israeli propaganda outlet.

There has been a non-stop attempt to demonize Hamas, to portray them as heartless monsters who attacked Israel for no reason. It has always been one of the pre-conditions for war that both sides must be conditioned to think of the other side as monsters. After all, you can’t negotiate with monsters, can you?

If a nation’s media were interested in peace, they would tell a more nuanced story. They would include at least a certain amount of information that would call into question the ‘monster’ narrative.

As an example of the kind of material that could be used to create a more balanced view, there’s this testimony from a former hostage, an Israeli, who says she was respectfully treated by her (young and scared) Hamas captors. When the Israel Defense Forces showed up several hours later, they opened up on the Hamas militants without warning, catching the hostages in a furious cross-fire. It was then the hostages were killed – as likely killed by Israeli bullets as by Palestinian ones.

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  1. Good article.

    For a bit of history. This situation began in 1947 by the Allied Axis powers who created the League of Nations (now known as the United Nations). They arbitrarily divided up the area and gave a considerable amount of Palestinian (Arab) land to the Jews who had survived World War 2 and the Country known as Israel was formed. The two groups have been arguing ever since about who owns what.

    Over the years, the Americans and NATO (including Canada) just haven’t been able to keep their noses out of the affairs of the various Middle East countries. Nobody from those countries invited their (America and NATO) attention but that didn’t stop the uninvited meddling. The populations of the Arab countries are primarily of the Muslim faith (Shia and Sunni) and have historically been nomadic in nature. Over the centuries they have wandered around the areas as tribal units killing each other from time to time. For the Europeans and Western countries, it’s none of our business.

    Unfortunately, for everyone, the Americans in general are “war mongers” and live by obscure mantra which is, “If we can’t buy them, then let’s kill them.” They just can’t help themselves and when they were a world power, they could get away with their looting, control, and domination. The world has changed and they haven’t.

    Like you, I suspect these recent events between Israel and Hamas will eventually lead to a World War 3, which will undoubtedly end up in every one using their nuclear weapons. However, we in Canada are relatively safe from the ensuing devastation. The fact is, there are no targets in Canada worth wasting a nuclear bomb on. Most of Canada is relatively “safe” from the effects of the nuclear blasts and radioactive fall out. The blowout of the Chernobyl nuclear electrical power station in the Ukraine proved that the area can continue to be be inhabited after such an event.

    However, I’m now 80 years old and my time is running out. It would kind of “make my day” if somebody could drop a small one on the Ottawa area, particularly if and when Parliament is in session and our narcissistic and psychotic Prime Minister is present.

  2. Even if assuming Hamas was the T-word, to be blunt, who’s fault is that? Israel was never designed to exist without an enemy, otherwise they would destroy themselves inside three months. They need that enemy to keep the population cowed and controlled, even if they have to create that enemy, right Hamas?

    It isn’t all that different from what is going on in various countries that the establishment controls, USA and Canuckistan included. Our Ministry of Truth continues to bombard us with one propaganda piece of lies and right off to the next, with no break ever in sight. This is no accident. They all need populations that are never given a chance to think about what is going on, so they are stuck in full-time primal mode.