Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) has been surging all over the world ever since the experimental Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out. For anyone doubting this go on Google and search for “Died Suddenly”, then click on news. There are thousands of recent reports of young healthy people dropping dead without any sort of medical explanation.

There are over 9 million doctors on this planet and the media is claiming that all of them are baffled and are unsure of the cause. It’s basically a world-wide mystery.

People are dying at work, dying while driving, dying on planes, dying while swimming, dying while jogging, etc. Teachers and students are collapsing dead at school all over the world. Athletes are dropping dead on the field all over the world. This strange phenomenon was not occurring prior to 2020.

I’ve been researching SADS for 24 months and I can tell you one thing with certainty, the majority of people dying suddenly and unexpectedly are fully vaccinated. The following video provides 26 minutes of irrefutable evidence.

This video is just a small sample of vaccine sudden deaths. I’ve shared over 10,000 cases on my Telegram channel. (

I just started, a web-based blog where I’ll be sharing all of my research. Every death I’ve found in the past 24 months will be shared there.
(Not everyone uses Telegram.)

Keep reading to learn more about SADS.

“A strange new medical anomaly has doctors baffled as it sweeps across the country. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is on the rise, and it’s tragically claiming the lives of healthy young adults, sometimes in their sleep.

Essentially, people are dying without displaying any prior sign of illness. They simply do not wake up after going to bed, or collapse during the day.”

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  1. Oh, come on, people! We’re not supposed to make this easy, obvious connection. Here, we have two events linked side-by-side that happened at the time. Obviously, it’s supposed to be something else, right? I mean, we get paid to look for something else, right? We’re not supposed to notice the thousands and thousands of dead people that died right after getting this garbage in their bodies, right? (And that’s just the ones we hear about, who knows how many more are not being accounted for) We’re not supposed to notice the large (metaphorical) elephant in the room that trampled on and destroyed every piece of furniture in the room, right?

    Maaa-a-a-aaan, the level of cognitive dissonance must come with a really sweet price tag, given how wilful this has become. Well, either we/they are ignorant to all this, or they’ll start pulling a Germany and make us disappear, too.