Are the Liberals out to transition Christian-Canadians to a socio-political relic?

by Brad Salzberg 

October 19, 2023

It’s not only him. Not by a long shot. Yet, when it comes to assessing a figurehead for a trend within a society, people often choose to go straight to the top.

CAP is no different. Not that assigning responsibility for a re-invention of Canadian society shouldn’t land on the shoulders of a national leader.

In terms of an erosion of Christianity, our prime minister is the number one purveyor. In this regard, Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada has become a curious political creature.

With assistance from media, our Liberal government are playing a nasty game of social inversion. We consider a suitable metaphor: the structure of icebergs in the world’s oceans. 10% can be viewed from above the surface of the water, while 90% remains below the surface.

As applied to government and media, it well serves our purposes well. For example, the degree to which so-called “Islamophobia” is addressed by the woke Bermuda Triangle that is government-media-academia in Canada.

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