“Within a few years, Canada went from being a country that had banned assisted suicide to being one of the loosest regimes in the world.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 18, 2023

In 2016, the Canadian government legalized medical assistance in dying. The program, called MAID, was approved by the Canadian Supreme Court, which concluded that laws preventing assisted suicide eroded individual rights.

In its original incarnation, the MAID program was fairly well defined. It didn’t take long for incremental expansion to creep its way into legislative policy.

“In 2021, the criterion that natural death must be ‘reasonably foreseeable’ was lifted.   Stories began to appear describing how the Liberal government was granting access to assisted suicide to people who didn’t fit the original criteria.”

Thus began the journey of a policy misunderstood to this day. Establishment media has done their part by taking the edge off the sharpened blade that is assisted dying in Canada.

“Within just a few years, the number of Canadians dying by physician-assisted suicide ballooned. In 2021, that figure was more than 10,000, one in 30 of all Canadian deaths.”

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