‘If Justin Trudeau wins another election, there will be nothing left of Canada to save.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 17, 2023

The Telegraph in the U.K. is not CBC Corporation. If it was, a recent article on the state of Canadian society would have been discarded faster than you can say “colonization.”

A scathing report reveals attitudes from a collective of Canadians who migrated to our country from Britain in search of a free and democratic society in which to put down family roots.

“We have spoken to readers living in different areas of Canada, and they’ve shared what life is like in the North American country. Read on to hear about their experiences.”

Alrighty then, let’s see what actual Anglophones think about contemporary Canada. This time out, it’s not a collective of fundamentalist religion followers concerned with Hijab head coverings. Nor it is a sample of Sikhs advocating for the creation of a Khalistani state.

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  1. We’re already at that point. They have everyone at each other’s throats, divided by skin colour, what’s between your legs and different states of mental illness, based on how loud you scream and how divorced you are from any resemblence of reality. Meanwhile, the ones that are not doing any throat-strangling just don’t care enough to want to make a difference and think if they just ride this out, everything will be fine. Well, it will not be fine. We are not fine. We are in am extreme disaster created by the political system. Voting Conservative will change absolutely nothing; it will be a different face and the exact same agenda. It really started going to hell about 60 years, with emperor sr. It has only accelerated in the last 10-15 years. It is impossible to vote our way out of this; Elections Canada has proven again they are biased and will continue to serve the same corporate interests our political system does, now that they further stuck their nose in agenda garbage by flying pride flags at their main office. Hell, the NDP convention was literally pushing to turn all white males into third-class citizens who’s only purpose is be slaves or die, so spare me the lectures on alternatives. I have respect for Bernier, but they are slowing turning into electronic voting to ensure he will never have a seat. It’s a shame he never bothered to call them out on it in the by-election he was running in.

    Of course, if we end up in some convenient and permanent state of emergency with the way everything is going downhill, there will never be another election again, or opposition parties, just like in fake Ukraine. Of course, nobody listen to me. Kuro forbid, I might actually be right about something… So yeah, everyone, keep thinking you are going your vote your way out of this and keep wondering why everything gets worse. The global south is showing more brass and courage in standing up for themselves than we will ever hope to muster, here.