October 16, 2023

Todd Bensmen joined Tucker Carlson and said that mass migration numbers are stupendous as there are 14,000 apprehensions of illegal aliens per day. In the past, 1,000 illegal crossers per day was considered a national emergency. He said as many as 400,000 people will enter the US each month. Five million migrants have already arrived in the US, and that is a low estimate. Bensmen said that an additional three million to four million more will be added to our country before Biden leaves office. Currently, there are almost no deportations.

Tucker Carlson said that nations are defined by the people who live in them and universal principals of justice lead to countries that are peaceful and prosperous, but migrants often bring tribalism. The influx of immigrants will lead to the Democrats staying in power forever. Carlson said it appears that most aliens crossing the border are young males of “war age”. He noted that mass immigration is fueled by anti-white racial hostility. The political class and NGOs are to blame.

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