by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

October 15, 2023

Poilievre ‘s Grand Deception On Criticizing Trudeau’s  Use Of Invoking The Emergencies Act

Ah, the convenience of it all.

The spin ——

I was in Ottawa speaking in support of the Truckers .

Was Poilievre there or any of his serfs?

His deception in his latest verbal broadside as carried by Cosmin Dzsurdza of True North News is:

A. He said nothing about the fact that it was his Party that introduced this flawed Act.

B. You see even if it was Constitutional , and it was not in this case , his Party has said nothing about amending the Act since besides Trudeau’s brutal , illegal invoking of it ———

C. It allows the Government to examine itself , brutal conflict of interest, as was done in the Rouleau Inquiry . Tragically, many dutifully participated in this charade. The Government appoints the Commissioner! The Government sets the terms of Reference !!


D. If Poilievre was really serious —he would have said in that speech —

‘while PM Trudeau did a despicable act by unconstitutionally invoking the Act , we will introduce an amendment  to the Act immediately to ensure that provisions  of the Act are honest , ethical provisions —-and that, if it is ever constitutionally invoked , the Government , in the assessment afterwards , will have no power to appoint the Commissioner or set the terms of reference—that this will be done only after an all Party Parliamentary Committee( both House and Senate ) considers such and makes recommendations  to the full Parliament. ‘

Wow , now wouldn’t that be something !!!No grandstanding just do it!!

A. Brian Peckford