“Media remain silent while PM Justin Trudeau breaches or erodes every form of individual freedom contained within Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 14, 2023

As reported this week by True North News, “Justin Trudeau’s and the NDP’s imposition of the Emergencies Act to crush the civil liberties of Canadians was one of the most despicable acts we have seen under his government.”

“[Conservative Party leader] Poilievre minced no words in his condemnation of Trudeau’s decision to invoke the controversial act last February – and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s support of it.”

As constitutionally guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 2(c) includes the right to participate in peaceful demonstrations, protests, parades, meetings, picketing and other assemblies.

Chalk up a breach of personal freedom and individual liberties right here. In a flagrant side-tracking of fundamental rights, Justin Trudeau invoked a never used-before implementation of the Emergencies Act, thus circumventing citizens constitutional right to public protest.

Recognizing a breach of freedom of assembly, we attempt to uncover variations on a theme. Five freedoms are explicitly addressed in terms of Charter Rights, as integrated into Canada’s Constitution under a Liberal Government led by Pierre Trudeau in 1982:

Freedom of conscience and religion; Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression; Freedom of the press and other media of communication; Freedom of peaceful assembly; and Freedom of association.

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