October 13, 2023

CNN has been accused of publishing another fake wartime video as the network has been shown to stage provocative stunts in the past. CNN aired a video of Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward breathing hard as she hunkered down in a ditch to purportedly avoid being hit by a “massive barrage of rockets.” When Ward was finally able to get up, she described a chaotic scene claiming that militants had allegedly shot up vehicles near her and her crew. She claimed smoke was rising in the distance in Gaza from air strikes. The jig appeared to be up when two plain-clothes citizens casually strolled into the report’s frame showing no concern over any supposed incoming missile strikes.

CNN has been caught on several other occasions staging phony propaganda reports: Charles Jaco and Carl Rochelle pretended to be on-site during the Gulf War, Anderson Cooper appeared to be sitting in flood water to make it look deeper and more catastrophic, and Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banford got caught having a satellite interview in the same parking lot while pretending to be in different locations.

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