“Incubating under Canadian noses” is a 50-year pre-conceived agenda of a globalist hi-jacking of our country.

by Brad Salzberg


October 12, 2023

“Averse as Justin Trudeau’s Canada has become to any serious moral inquiry or anything like intellectual struggle, we shouldn’t be surprised that it is only now that a bloodcurdling sociopathology that has been incubating under Canadian noses all along is at last coming to public notice.”

So states leading Canadian journalist Terry Glavin regarding the Liberal government’s passive approach to terrorist connections on Canadian soil.

What lies beyond the specifics is what desperately needs to be understood by Canadians from all walks-of-life. Since our founding in 2016, Cultural Action Party has been advancing the position:

“Incubating under Canadian noses” is a 50-year pre-conceived agenda of national hi-jacking. Once a proud bi-cultural English and French-Canadian nation, a succession of Liberal Party governments shipped the concept to the political trash bin.

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