Building Collaborative Independent Voices for YOUR Community.

Get Involved – Stay Involved – Get Others Involved

This Is YOUR Platform To Bring Back Power To The People.

Join us at Dakoda’s Sports Bar for a distinctive Town Hall experience.

Two independent candidates are running as Members of the Legislative Assembly

(MLA) in two Kelowna ridings. It’s a unique opportunity to ensure your voice is heard,

ask questions and engage in conversations that will shape Kelowna’s future.

This inclusive, non-partisan gathering welcomes all residents, whether you’re a

seasoned political enthusiast or a first-time voter.

As an exciting addition, this event will be recorded as a live podcast, preserving the


and your input for a wider audience. Let’s come together, share refreshments, and strengthen

our community while influencing the course of our city’s future. Mark your calendar,

invite friends, and be part of this significant civic engagement event

on October 15th at Dakoda’s Sports Bar, as together, we make our voices resonate in

Kelowna’s political landscape.

Salvatore Vetro – Founder – Independent BC

Rick Dignard – Co-Founder – Independent BC

Independent BC – A Grass Roots Movement


Building Collaborative Independent Voices for YOUR Community.


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Donations will be used to educate British Columbians about the benefits of electing Independent Candidates across BC,

and to fund a BC Provincial Town Hall Tour, in the spring of 2024