Canada wants a separation too…

by Bruce O’Hara 

October 10, 2023

Dear Justin:

What with your wife having left you so recently, I’m not sure how much your handlers are protecting you from information which might upset you.

Six weeks ago, an Abacus poll found that 56% of Canadians want you to resign before the next election. (Even 28% of Liberal supporters polled thought the Party would be better off without you.) Did your handlers tell you?

You should also be aware that your unpopularity with Canadians is not a new phenomena. Even as far back as September of 2021, a majority of Canadians wanted you to resign before the next election, mostly because of what a divisive and polarizing leader you had become.

The bad news doesn’t stop there. The Liberal Party of Canada has always depended heavily on the immigrant vote to win elections. The other constituency that propelled the Liberals from third place into a majority government in 2015 was young voters.

Recent polling data has the Liberal Party of Canada losing the immigrant vote.

That’s unprecedented, but hardly surprising. A lot of Canada’s immigrants came here fleeing one or other repressive regime. Having a Prime Minister who threw in jail those who opposed him, froze their bank accounts, and used the powers of Government to censor and silence those who opposed him – hell, a good chunk of Canada’s immigrant population came here precisely to escape despotic Governments like that.

If your father were still alive, I’m sure Pierre would have advised you that a live-and-let-live philosophy is essential to keeping the peace in a multicultural society.

Yes, it is sometimes necessary for Canada to set clear boundaries on cultural practices which are not permitted. (Honour killings, or female genital mutilation, for example.) But beyond that, Canada should support immigrants in keeping as much of their former culture and values as possible. Your father clearly believed that the law must be used gently and sparingly in a society with diverse beliefs and norms.

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