“Despite all his complaining, it looks like Jagmeet Singh has 2.3 million reasons to keep Justin Trudeau in power until 2025.”

by Brad Salzberg


October 8, 2023

“The NDP leader denounces the Trudeau government on a daily basis, this might be the reason he won’t vote them down.”

“Despite all his complaining, it looks like Jagmeet Singh has 2.3 million reasons to keep Justin Trudeau in power until 2025.”

Canadian journalist Brian Lilley is not impressed. Recently published in the Toronto Sun, Lilley alludes to the money factor. Among multiple reasons for locking in Liberal PM Justin Trudeau as national leader until late 2025, a hefty pension for Mr. Singh may serve as motivation.

“Singh was first elected through a by-election in February 2019. To qualify for the MP’s pension, members need to serve six years, which for Singh will be February 2025.”

A self-serving federal party leader? Singh would be far from the first. “Post-modern” politics in Canada deliver a plethora of related off-shoots. We speak of the era of an “internationalization” of our political spectrum.

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